Friday, January 2, 2009

Grape Growing System

Ok, Enough about sheep for a while ( at least until the lambs come in the spring : )).
Let's talk about grapes. Do you like to eat them or maybe go a little farther and make your own wine? No matter what you do with them, first you need to grow them.
There is nothing like going out and picking your own home grown grapes.
Whether you are starting for the first time or have experience growing grapes, here is a system to follow for the best results you have seen.
Click Here!
Happy harvest.


jaguar said...

Dad grew his own and made some homemade wine. Never done it myself. Eat alot of grapes though.

drip irrigation systems said...

i don't know alot about growing grapes but i think they need to get lot of water to get juicy, so you need to put watering system to improve it.

polo tee shirt said...

eu não sei muito sobre o cultivo de uvas, mas eu acho que eles precisam para obter grande quantidade de água para obter suculento, então você precisa colocar sistema de rega para melhorá-lo.