Friday, January 2, 2009

Organic Gardening

I like to buy organic vegetables and fruits, but when I go to the store and look at the prices I cringe. Hear what I am saying? I thought so. Do you know how much better they are for you?
Have you tried to grow your own? It doesn't take much time and you can tailor your garden to the space you have, even if you only have a balcony or patio. Have you thought about container planting for your veggies if you have limited space. Some of you have an area in your garden that would be perfect, just look at it. Others have huge areas that may even require getting that tractor out. What ever your size think ORGANIC. Chemical free, vitamin rich, fresh natural foods. Organic grown foods are found to be much higher in antioxidants (up to 40%). We know that antioxidants help reduce stress and in these days and times, who doesn't have some stress in their lives. Plus the added benefit of being outdoors and the satisfaction of watching your plants grow. You also get to show them off to your friends and family, but the best of all is the harvest. So go to the link below and get started.
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jaguar said...

Used to do that all the time, great way to eat good food and save a few bucks.