Thursday, December 18, 2008

Solar and Wind Power

Ok, so you are out in the garden, with your sunblock on (I hope), the sun is shining and it's a beautiful day. The sun has done a great job of growing those beautiful flowers and veggies, the wind has kept you a little cooler, while you are tending the fruits of your labor.
Have you thought about putting that sun and wind to good use for your home and not just the garden.
You can save so much on your electric bill or even make money with solar and/or wind energy.
Seriously, How many days a year, where you live is it either not sunny or not windy. I live in the southwest corner of Colorado and it's sunny and windy almost everyday. No matter where you live this is an option for you.
I think in today's economy we need to try to do all we can to prepare for tomorrow. Solar and wind power is the wave of the future. So why not start now. Why wait and keep paying the power company, when the power is right outside your door?
I am including a couple of options for you too see.

Check this out:
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jaguar said...

I am glad to be back, interesting blog, will be following it, I used have a small garden in the back yard and a bigger herb garden on the side of the house. I will be looking at this.

Joyce said...

Thanks for checking out my garden spot. Glad you enjoyed it.